Show Team and Longhorns

Trophy Steer Herd
There are eight registered Texas Longhorn trophy steers that have made Johnson Space Center their home for the duration of their life. The trophy steers are on permanent loan, donated by members of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America. The trophy steers selected for exhibition represent a variety of color, horn development, and characteristics unique to the breed

Longhorn Breeders
Longhorn breeders of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America generously support The Longhorn Project by loaning their longhorns to the program for the duration of the school year and show season and for covering expenses to support the longhorns. Thanks to the breeders, the students can have an opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge on the longhorn breed. Through this partnership, The Longhorn Project commits to ensuring each longhorn is cared for by the students and providing an environment that promotes education, leadership, and teamwork under the supervision of the Longhorn Project Manager.

Show Team
The Longhorn Project Show Team consists of a selected group of youth from the Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow (TLBT) and International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA). Through this unique program, the show team students have the opportunity to learn about ranch management, animal husbandry and the rich history of the Texas heritage to promote the preservation and legacy of the cattle native to the state of Texas. The show team students exhibit the longhorns at state and national longhorn shows, including the Houston, San Antonio, and Austin livestock shows and TLBAA World Show and ITLA Championship Show. In addition to raising and exhibiting longhorns, the students participate in a leadership development program where they are introduced to local and state leaders from the longhorn industry and general business community. A highlight of the program is the opportunity to tour longhorn ranches for ranch management education.